Welcome to Landih Ashram

Landih Ashram presides over lush of Kintamani area. All of our guests will experience both of cool mountain climate and an unique traditional accommodation, provide with natural spacious rooms to make stay comfort, relax and memorable one. Landih Ashram has positioned itself also as an outbound area located in the cooler side of Kintamani situated ± 1,100 meter from sea surface, with temperature 18-26 degree celcius. Landih Ashram is very suitable for holiday, ideal for company or family gathering, spiritual retreat, business meeting purposes, also wedding ceremony. It has units consist of 12 rooms, 4 villas and 4 dormitory, Two seperate Restaurant serves Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian food.

Towering above lush green forests, interrupted by deep ravines, and with the silhouettes of Mount Agung, Mount Batur and Mount Abang in the background, Ashram Landih is the ideal place for those wishing to experience a new and different kind of holiday, escaping from the crowds that are addicted to shopping malls, discos and beaches.
As its name suggests, Ashram Landih is, on the one hand, a place for meditation, yoga and spiritual recreation, on the other hand a retreat for individuals seeking untainted natural surroundings and peace.
Our ever more demanding life style, dominated by tight schedules, threatens our health and has estranged us from ourselves as well as the spiritual resources inherent in every human being.
To revive and reactivate those self-healing powers, Ashram Landih offers you support and assistance.
There are Yoga- and Meditation Courses for those who wish to be introduced to these ancient practices; those already acquainted with the art of Yoga can attempt higher levels of perfection.